Meet Lynn Balmer
' About to Celebrate her 109th Birthday '

Lynn Balmer -

A former member of Post 637 in Citrus Heights, and now a member of Lenard Yates Post 709, is honored by her fellow Legionnaires.

Lynn's transfered to Post 709 and will be celebrating her birthday which is approaching soon.

Lynn was born in Fanani Meadows, California (up by Chico) on September 13, 1908.

This September 13th Lynn will be 109. She's the oldest American Legion member that we know of and the oldest of nine children (four passed away).

Lynn married her husband Charles while serving in the Coast Guard. Her maiden name was Lemm.

Has numerous Nieces', and nephews', but no children of her own.

We just presented her with an honorable lifetime membership into our post.